Let's talk about pink!

A Fascination for Colour

I have always been interested in how clever colour is and how it affects each of us. I love colour and as you’ll tell from my Instagram images, I love to see to colours being revealed from a dark background as the light catches them. It would seem that each of us perceives colour slightly differently as it works at a subconscious level and it’s no surprise that the feelings different colours evoke vary from person to person which explains why our favourite colours are not necessarily the same.

roses from the real flower company  www.realflowers.co.uk

roses from the real flower company www.realflowers.co.uk

Flowers and colour have a strong thread for me..... Before becoming a wedding florist, I studied botanical illustration later, working for a number of design groups in London. Colour has a huge influence on design and is quite a marketing tool, influencing people in their purchasing choices without them realising. Whilst at Art College, before learning how to paint, we studied colour and its nuances in great depth. Colour can make your heart soar, make you feel very calm or even create a feeling of uneasiness.

Floral designers often use foliage in tones of green as a neutral colour base, a natural background for flowers. We spend time encouraging clients, especially brides to be brave and to go with colours that they love for weddings. It’s our job as floral designers to create something beautiful using nature’s amazing array of naturally occurring colours, each colour having it's own significance. It's a real joy to have many colours and flower types to play with.

The colour that is most loved for weddings and is Instagram’s favourite in any form, is pink. A large bouquet of pink peonies can make most people extremely happy. In the West pink is seen as the colour of all things feminine. Interestingly it’s the reverse in other parts of the world. The Japanese rugby team aren’t called “The Brave Blossoms“ for nothing!

Whilst red represents passion, pink is more about romantic love and can have a calming effect. Pink also suggests youth and optimism..... think "millennial pink" and the term "rose coloured spectacles". There has been a whole host of positive mood creating pinks added to interior paint collections such as the beautiful "Nancy's Blushes" by Farrow and Ball www.farrowand ball.com

bridesmaids' bouquets  www.catbeardsleyphotography.co.uk

bridesmaids' bouquets www.catbeardsleyphotography.co.uk

So back to flowers!…..The reason pink works so amazingly well and looks so beautiful is because its complementary colour is a soft green and when you put them together, particularly a pink flower such as a rose and a stem of green eucalyptus of roughly the same colour weight, they enhance each other and are heart-breakingly gorgeous. No wonder it’s a popular colour, time and time again. I love pink myself but I love all colours and each is beautiful in it's own right, has it's own meaning and complementary colour, so go on, don't choose colours that you think you should, have colours that you absolutely LOVE for your wedding....it will speak volumes about your personality and style.